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Theatre Technology for Everyone

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Welcome to the United States Institute for Theatre Technology community! This community exists to serve the following:

*Those who are members of the national organization USITT

*Those who are interested in theatrical technology.

*Professionals, students, community, or freelance artists in the field of technical theatre.

Welcome to USITT! This community encourages

*discussion of theatrical technology and techniques

*sharing ideas, tips, tricks, and last-minute fixes

*information about that National Convention (held this year in Long Beach, CA March 17-20)

*mild ranting (Circuitry can get very frustrating!)

*advertisement of productions, products, and other technical theatre interests

This community does not condone

*slamming other people. Just like USITT, some of us are professionals, and some are still learning. We respect everyone's right to make a mistake, and we encourage learning.

*Blatant spamming or trolling. Get over it.

*Posts not related to the topic.

(All posts are at the mercy of the moderator, jaeelle. Don't worry, she's very lenient, but she will remove anything she feels is inappropriate, and reserves the right to remove any post or ban any member not adhering to the basic rules of respect and tolerance.)