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USITT 05 Toronto

I can consider myself extremely lucky for having been able to attend USITT in Toronto. I participated in the student volunteer program, so unfortunately wasnt able to attend all of the sessions I wished to. However, the entire experience was an amazing one, and I can honestly say that I learned an enormous amount of new information. My group got there early, and were given work passes as we were asked to help set up one of the costume displays on the Show Floor. Anyone who know.. the ones entirely made from paper. It was amazing to get to talk to the designer in private.

Some of the sessions I attended were
--When To Shout Fire-How and When to Evacuate
--Costume Design with an International Perspective
--Demystifying Audio Techniques
--Ohio Valley Regional Section Meeting

The Seminars that I had to work during.. and therefore got to sit in on were
--New Product Showcase
--Alternative Careers in Entertainment: An Esta Roundtable
--Summer Stock Theatre Production
--Wired and Wireless Production Intercom Design

I also worked during the Tech Olympics. I was one of the two models for the Costume Quick Change Competition. Anyone who went will probably remember me. haha.

The Expo Floor itself was AMAZING. I could walk around for days and find something else that I missed. I also worked in the Boutique on the expo floor, and got first shot at the USITT merchandise that I fell in love with.

All in all the entire experience was amazing. Hard to summarize in words. But if you have questions or whatnot.. Feel free to ask.
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