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This was on my page today... I'd go for it but I am going off to Grad school instead!

The firm is a ARCHITECTURAL Lighting Design Firm. They are well known and established. It's usually excellent pay (think full time with salary + benifits)as I did well the year I worked in architectue.

Best of luck!

For almost 20 years, Domingo Gonzalez Associates has brought to Architectural Lighting Design not only a dynamic creative vision but also a philosophy that allows its clients a clear window into the design process. Our varied portfolio reflects our commitment to excellence in design and our intent to educate our clients in a wide range of design choices, benefits and implications. Domingo Gonzalez Associates operates with a consensus building approach, offering clients thorough analysis, extensive design options and solutions both cost-effective and compliant with the industry's complex regulations. Tight project management yields high productivity on the part of a staff that participates fully in the complete design process. Over the years the firm has fostered ongoing, productive relationships with numerous clients and has compiled a project portfolio of respectable size and scope.

The junior lighting designer position is a very detail-oriented position critical to the success of the company. The principal and senior designers depend on the junior designer’s efficiency, initiative and good intuition, as they balance working on multiple projects headed by different senior designers with various-overlapping deadlines.

The right candidate should possess the following skills:
• Proficiency in AutoCAD (2000 or greater) with knowledge of X-refs, blocks, layer management, etc.
• understanding of luminaire photometry and basic applications
• understanding of computer-generated lighting calculations (preferably AGI32)
• excellent research and communication skills
• the ability to function effectively in a “team dynamic”
• good problem-solving skills
• good hand drawing skills

Some of the duties assigned to a junior designer include:
• creating and manipulating AutoCAD drawings
• creating and manipulating AGI32 calculations
• creating and/or attending mockups (in-house & on-site)
• site survey and field work
• renderings by hand or in various computer applications
• organizing and maintaining hard-copy & electronic libraries
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